Monday, September 19, 2016

Listing all Physical Drives on a Remote Machine

Getting Physical drive lists for remote machines using PSExec

You can use PsExec and wmic to easily get disk information about remote machines. From a command prompt run as a user with login rights on the remote machine

PsExec.exe \\remote1 wmic.exe logicaldisk get

 This returns a nice garbled list of data :)  Adding some filtering commands to wmic gets us a little better list:

PsExec.exe \\remote1 wmic.exe logicaldisk get caption,drivetype,volumename

We then get a much nicer formated list including drive letters, drive types and the volume name.

Adding a windows filter of find "3" we can then return just the rows that have an actual physical volume for a finished command of

PsExec.exe \\remote1 wmic.exe logicaldisk get caption,drivetype,volumename | find "3"

This is a nice command to use to be able to quickly identify what drives on a remote machine you might want to monitor.

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